Steady State Gas Perma meter

Short Description

GPS01/ 2018 accurately determines the permeability to gas of plug-sized core samples at ambient temperature and moderate confining pressure by steady state method. Implementing a constant flow rate across the sample. Gas can be injected over a wide range of pressures and flow rates. The core inlet pressure is continuously monitored by an inline differential pressure transducer while the gas flow rate is reported by a high-grade mass flow meter.

A precision metering valve for back-pressure control permits a better Klinkenberg interpolation. The apparatus can be used with both consolidated and unconsolidated core samples ( prepared in metal or plastic sleeves with retaining screens at the ends). A dedicated software and data handling station provide live calibration and parameter measurement. Specifications of Bench top GSP01/2018 Core Diameter : 1.5" Core Length : 2" to 4" Permeability Range : 0.01 md to 10 darcies Flow Pressure : 0 to 100 psi Gas Flow : 0 to 30, 0 to 500 cc/m Temperature : Ambient (± 0.1°C) Pressure Transducer Accuracy : 0.1% F.S. Flow Accuracy : 1% F.S. Inlet Gas Supply : N2 @ 250 psi Power : 220-240 Volt, 50 or 60 Hz Confining pressure : up to 5000 psi System Includes : Complete accessories Software for Data Acquisition

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