Electric Property

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This system design to measure various electrical properties of core plug samples, such as determination of formation factor, Resistivity Index, saturation exponent "n" & Cementation factor "m"

This system having capability to measure resistivity for both full & partially brine saturated core sample as well as brine electrical resistivity at ambient conditions Specifications of EPS-01/2018 System Includes : 1 core holder 10,000 psig rated complete with low pressure & high pressure over burden gauges Gas pressure distribution panel with regulators Standard valves & fittings Sample Saturator : MOC-SS with gauge & valves Pressure Multiplier for overburden pressure application & maintenance LCR meter Brine resistivity meter 1.0 inch & 1.5 inch end stems : For contact measurement 1.0 inch & 1.5 inch rubber sleeves Standard pore wetted Material: SS Glass , silver , The EPS-01/2018 determines at overburden (up to 700 bar) conditions, rock and brine resistivity for both fully and partially brine saturated core samples. The data obtained from this device can be utilized to derive Formation factor, cementation exponent m, resistivity index and Archie saturation exponent n and also aid depth adjustment in a drilling or wireline log. The apparatus also serves as a desaturator thereby enabling the determination of capillary pressure- saturation curves. The system includes a hydrostatic electrical core holder, a manual hydraulic pump to generate confining pressure, and a pressure control panel for core desaturation. The system can be proposed for multi sample core holders EPS 01-2018 system simultaneously determines on rock samples, the capillary pressure - air/water saturation relationship, by virtue of the porous plate method, as well as the rock and fluid electrical properties via the two point method.

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