Core Saturator

Short Description

A large capacity cell is provided to accommodate, number of core plugs or full size core samples. The saturator sequentially performs vacuum and saturation cycles on both plug and whole core size samples The system is then evacuated by applying high vacuum for a few hours. The vacuum pump is connected to the system via a liquid trap tank and a feed tank. This configuration enables both air evacuation and liquid mist.

The trap tank protects the vacuum pump by collecting potential vapor droplets. Once vacuum has been established, the pump is turned off and the system, vented to atmospheric pressure. This causes the liquid in the feed tank to invade the entire system. Finally, a high-pressure pump pressurizes the saturation liquid up to 2,000 psi, via transfer vessel in to . . This pressure should be sustained for at least four hours to guarantee maximum core saturation. This is confirmed by a stable reading on the gauge. Optional : Automated controls integrated system with computer. Easy for end user to operate pneumatic valves, operate the vacuum and high-pressure pumps and run automatic saturation cycles. Technical Specifications : Cell Diameter : 124 mm Cell Height : 179 mm Wetted Material : 316 Stainless Steel (other on request) Saturant : Water, Brine, Oil or other liquid Power Supply : 220-240 Volts, 50-60 Hz

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