About Us


Azimuth, have varied experience in Core warehousing management , with this reach experience we offer complete comprehensive Core management service solution for our esteem customer by unique ways …Like

1) Design , construction, Operations and management of Core warehouse and core data warehousing. AESPL offering design and construction of custom built core warehouse along with unique racking system. As an offering of core management as well as core data warehousing, Mobile CCA support is provided on site for our customer.

2) Up gradation as well as management of existing core store facility and Data warehousing.

3) Storing & data management of customers core at AESPL facility.

AESPL , building unique state of art core Warehousing to justify our esteem customers requirement of core handling, storage, management and other lab support.

Our comprehensive core management services offer following prospects.

1) Systematic core and core material arrangement with unique coding and generating core storage data.

2) Generating CCA ( Conventional Core Analysis ) data as per requirements.

3) Synchronizing whole core data & storage with our Unique Core Management software.

4) Core handling on site.

Advantages of Data Warehousing

Amalgamate data from multiple sources into a single database so a single query engine can be used to present data.

Data base can be isolated and access can be partially restricted based on who is using the data and for what purpose.

Maintain data history for a long period.

Improve data quality by presenting the data based on queries.

Data can be upgraded at various location across the globe by sharing the access source.

Analyze the data based on the customized software.

Making decision-support queries easier to write.

With systematic tagging, Data warehousing can locate a particular core sample in a warehouse easily and efficiently.